Top 7 Python Developer Tools

Fulllancers Team


1. SciPy

It’s a free and open-source tool that can be accessed by anyone built to solve mathematical, scientific, and engineering calculations.

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2. Scikit-learn

A well-known, very popular, highly used, open-source tool that was also known as scikit-learn and sk-learn was introduced back in 2007.

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3. Keras

Another open-source neural network library was introduced first by François Chollet (Google Engineer) in 2015.

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4. Selenium

If you want to write test scripts in a certain language like Java, C# or PHP, and many more then selenium is for you.

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5. Pip Package

When you’ll start working with the python programming language, you’ll realize the importance of this tool and why every developer should have knowledge of pip from the beginning of their journey.

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6. Sublime Text

It is one of the most fascinating, lightweight, and cross-platform code editor tools that was introduced first in 2008 by Jon Skinner at Sublime HQ.

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7. Jupyter Notebook

The last one on this list is a Jupyter Notebook which is one of the most elegant documentation tools that was introduced back in 2014 by Fernando Pérez and Brian Granger

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