What’s New In Python 3.12

Fulllancers Team


1. New syntax features

PEP 695, type parameter syntax and the type statement

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2. New grammar features

PEP 701, f-strings in the grammar

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3. Interpreter improvements

PEP 684, a unique per-interpreter GIL, PEP 669, low impact monitoring

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4. Python data model improvements

PEP 688, using the buffer protocol from Python

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5. Significant improvements in the standard library

The pathlib.Path class now supports subclassing, The os module received several improvements for Windows support

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6. Security improvements

Replace the builtin hashlib implementations of SHA1, SHA3, SHA2-384, SHA2-512, and MD5 with formally verified code from the HACL* project.

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7. C API improvements

PEP 697, unstable C API tier, PEP 683, immortal objects

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