HR trends highlight for businesses in 2024

Fulllancers Team


1.Artificial Intelligence in HR

AI technology helps employees at all levels of their work experience by replacing functional and technical skills.

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2.HR tech

Technologies include HRM, HRIS, HR platforms, ATS, time and attendance tracking systems, benefits management systems, etc.

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3.Talents’ Attraction and Employee Retention

This includes a wide range of tasks and functions that go down to the question, 'What do we need to do to make people interested in working for us.

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4.Trust and Transparency

The desire of companies to be open and supportive AND their actual plans to do so.

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5.Work with Different Generations

First and foremost, the strategy for working with Generation Z.

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6.Corporate culture

Flexible working, office experience for collaboration among employees, building healthy work-life balance, and preventing strikes due to poor or unethical working conditions.

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7.Human sustainability

Developing internal strategies and metrics to achieve the overall external strategy for sustainable human development.

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8.Learning and development

Upskilling and reskilling, leadership and management development, career management, soft skills.

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