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Fulllancer is not Freelancer.
It's different as chalk and cheese.

Fulllancers are our full-time, dedicated & qualified employees ready to work for you.
They are recruited through a rigorous process, trained and managed by our expert team.

See How

Fulllancers vs Freelancers

See how Fulllancers are different from freelancers.


Fulltime, Dedicated

  • Work from a professional office.
  • Your employee.
  • Works only for you.
  • Full focus on your project.
  • Thinking.
Hire A Fulllancer

Part-time,  Freelance

  • Work from home/coworking/ etc.
  • May expose your data/project.
  • Not your employee.
  • Works on different projects.
  • No focus on your project.
  • Thinking about other works too.

Agreement with an Individual

  • Agreement with an individual.
  • Quality assurance is not guaranteed.
  • Your idea/data is not secured.
  • NDA with an individual is hard to enforce.

Agreement with a Business

  • Agreement with a reputed company.
  • Company guarantees quality.
  • Security for your idea and data.
  • NDA with a company.
Hire A Fulllancer


  • Managed by a professional team.
  • Project Manager.
  • Team Lead.
  • Technical leads - Assist in complex technical problems.
Hire A Fulllancer


  • Self managed.
  • No project manager.
  • No team lead.
  • No technical lead to assist and will waste time.

Freelancer Reporting

  • Unverified or no daily reporting.
  • No quality assurance team reporting.
  • No managers reporting.
  • No / Unverified screen reporting.

Professional Reporting

  • Verified daily reporting.
  • Weekly reporting from the quality assurance team.
  • Monthly Report from managers.
  • Screen time reporting.
Hire A Fulllancer

Training and Assessment

  • Dedicated research and training team.
  • Technology stack updated frequently.
  • New tech/changes training.
  • Continues assessment and improvement.
  • Professional time / project / client management training.
Hire A Fulllancer


  • No research / Training team.
  • Difficult to manage.
  • Depends on the Individual.
  • No assessment.

Individual Tech

  • Impossible to be an expert in different areas.
  • No research team.
  • May take hours or days to find a solution.
  • Switching resources is not feasible.

Different Tech

  • Different tech nerds available.
  • Dedicated research team on each area.
  • Instant solution for tech problems.
  • Can switch resources if necessary.
Hire A Fulllancer


  • Team discussions produce good Ideas.
  • Faster solutions.
  • Collaboration of different expertise.
Hire A Fulllancer

Individual Ideas

  • Induvidual ideas
  • Find a solution slowly.
  • There was no collaboration among experts. individual work


  • Adding a team member will be difficult.
  • If you remove one member, will be hard to
    manage knowledge transfer.
  • Finding different tech/expertise can be complex.
  • New members syncing with team will be difficult.

Flexible Team Size

  • Increase team size in 24 hours.
  • Decrease team size from next billing.
  • Add different tech / expertise anytime.
  • New members already synced with team.
Hire A Fulllancer

Licensed and original software
and communication tools

  • Fulllancer invested in professional tools and software.
  • All tools are licensed and genuine.
  • We developed our own tools to improve productivity.
Hire A Fulllancer

Less tools and software

  • As its expensive, its not affordable for most freelancers.
  • No audit to check license or genuinely.
  • Might be limited as its an individual.


  • Freelancers might work from anywhere.
  • Computers and devices might not be protected
    and monitored
  • Working environment is vulnerable.
  • Your idea and data might not be secure.

Physical office and security

  • Fulllancers work from physical offices.
  • Computers and devices are protected and monitored.
  • Office facility and networks are protected.
  • Your idea and data are secure.
Hire A Fulllancer

Training in new tech and tools

  • Fulllancers get continous trainings.
  • Any needed tech changes are updated frequently.
  • Dedicated research team to detect tech changes and train.
  • Have access to different experts inhouse trainings.
Hire A Fulllancer

Not Sure

  • Freelancers have to train their own.
  • Might miss tech changes as they have to focus on work.
  • No dedicated research team on tech.
  • No access to inhouse tech experts.

No Support on Holidays

  • If a freelancer on holiday, your project is in trouble.
  • If a freelancer on maternity leave, your project is in trouble.
  • If a freelancer got sick, your project is in trouble.

Holidays Support

  • If a fulllancer on holiday, you get a replacement.
  • If a fulllancer on maternity leave, you got a replacement.
  • If a fulllancer got sick, you got a replacement.
Hire A Fulllancer

24/7 response

  • Fulllancer is a team.
  • You get instant response 24/7.
  • Critical issues get solved instantly.
  • Critical issues, get support of entire team.
Hire A Fulllancer


  • Freelancer is an individual.
  • You get response in limited hours a day.
  • Critical issues might get lagged till the freelancer online.
  • Critical issues, Individual may take long time to solve.

Resigned and have to recruit

  • Freelancer might resign anytime.
  • No team to manage the resignation.
  • Have to find new freelancer.
  • Difficult to do knowledge transfer.

Resigned with no recruitment hassles

  • Fulllancer resigns with proper notice.
  • Team manage the resignation.
  • New fulllancer take charge before she/he leaves.
  • Fulllancer do smooth knowledge transfer.
Hire A Fulllancer
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