Boomerang Employee

What is a Boomerang Employee

A Boomerang Employee is someone who leaves a company for personal or professional reasons, then later returns to work for the same company again at a later point in their career path. It's like a boomerang - it comes back! Here's the rundown:

Key points

They were previously employed by the company but decided to leave at some point.

Their reasons for leaving may vary, such as seeking professional development, pursuing other opportunities, or taking a personal break.

Later on, they return to the same company in a similar or different role.

This trend of returning employees is becoming increasingly common as work dynamics and employee priorities evolve.

Why do employees boomerang?

Positive company experience: They may have enjoyed their previous time at the company and missed the work culture, colleagues, or opportunities.

Improved situation: The company might have addressed past issues or offered new benefits that make returning attractive.

Life changes: Personal circumstances might change, making returning to a familiar environment appealing.

Unfulfilled expectations: Their new job might not have met their expectations, prompting them to seek better options.

Benefits for employers

Faster onboarding: Hiring a familiar employee requires less time and resources for training and integration.

Proven skills and experience: Boomerangs already have knowledge of the company and its processes, making them productive quickly.

Network and morale: They can re-establish connections with former colleagues, potentially boosting morale and team dynamics.

Potential challenges

Reason for leaving: Addressing the underlying reasons for their departure ensures a smooth transition back.

Salary/benefits negotiation: Their expectations might be different based on their external experience.

Company perception: Some colleagues might question their commitment or reasons for returning.

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