Object Relational Maping

What is Object-Relational Mapping

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is a programming technique that bridges the gap between object-oriented programming (OOP) and relational databases. It essentially acts as a translator that converts data between the two worlds, allowing you to work with database information in a more natural and familiar way.

Here's how it works:

Before ORMs

Traditionally, accessing and manipulating data in a relational database required writing SQL queries, a structured language specific to relational databases.

This could be cumbersome for developers used to working with objects in OOP languages like Python or Java.

With ORMs

ORMs provide an abstraction layer over the database, allowing you to interact with data using objects and object-oriented methods.

You can define classes that represent database tables and objects that correspond to individual rows in those tables.

CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) can be performed on these objects using methods provided by the ORM, instead of writing raw SQL queries.

Benefits of using ORMs

Increased developer productivity: ORMs streamline data access and manipulation, reducing the need to write complex SQL queries.

Improved code readability and maintainability: Object-oriented code is generally easier to understand and maintain than SQL.

Reduced boilerplate code: ORMs automate many common tasks like mapping objects to database tables and columns.

Database independence: ORMs can often work with different relational databases, providing flexibility in your choice of database technology.

Some popular ORMs

  • Python: SQLAlchemy, Django ORM
  • Java: Hibernate
  • C#: Entity Framework Core

However, ORMs also have limitations

Performance overhead: ORMs add an extra layer of abstraction, which can sometimes lead to slower performance compared to raw SQL.

Flexibility limitations: ORMs may not be suitable for complex queries or situations requiring fine-grained control over the database.

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