What is AMP

AMP, which previously stood for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is now known as Accelerated Mobile Platform. It's an open-source framework created by Google to build fast-loading web experiences specifically for mobile devices. Here's a breakdown of its key points:


  • To improve the loading speed and user experience of web pages on mobile devices, addressing the common issue of slow-loading mobile websites.
  • To offer an alternative to other mobile-optimized solutions like Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News.

How it works

  • AMP uses a specific set of HTML components and JavaScript libraries optimized for mobile performance.
  • AMP pages can be pre-cached by Google and other AMP Cache providers, allowing them to load instantly for users.
  • AMP restricts certain features that can slow down pages, such as complex animations and resource-intensive scripts.


  • Faster loading times: AMP pages typically load significantly faster than regular web pages on mobile devices, leading to a better user experience.
  • Improved SEO: Google prioritizes AMP pages in search results on mobile devices, potentially leading to increased traffic.
  • Wider reach: AMP pages can be easily shared across platforms like Google Search, Twitter, and Pinterest, reaching a broader audience.


  • Limited functionality: Due to its restrictions, AMP pages may not be suitable for all websites, especially those requiring complex features or interactivity.
  • Development effort: Creating and maintaining AMP versions of web pages requires additional development work.
  • Potential SEO trade-offs: While prioritized on mobile, AMP pages may have lower visibility on desktop searches.

Overall, AMP is a valuable tool for improving the mobile user experience of websites. However, it's important to consider its limitations and weigh them against your specific needs and goals before deciding to implement it.

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